Art and Artists
2. Death in ART
3. How ART Made the WORLD... BBC
1. Hammurabi's Code

Ancient Greece
1. Engineering an Empire Ancient Greece
2. Engineering an Empire: Alexander the Great

Ancient Rome
1. Roman Emperors
2. Engineering an Empire Rome
3. Engineering an Empire Carthage

Fall of ROme.... Dark Ages.
1. Video called the DARK AGES ..... great info regarding the FALL of ROME

Medieval History
1. The Medieval Mind
Part I: lots of info about social structure....

1400s Europe: Renaissance Art:
1. a link about DeMedici Family of Florence and their role in being patrons of the arts.
2. a link to Engineering an Empire series about Renaissance Italy.

American Revolution
1. Lock and Load: Rifle and Musket...

Video.... Arts and Entertainment...

1800s Europe:
German History, Industrial Revolution, Industrialism, Socialism, Hitler
1. click on this link for a video on about the composer Richard Wagner that relates to the aforementioned topics.
ROMANTICISM: BBC documentary that looks at poets, artists, and realities of the early 1800s Industrial Era...BEGINNING opens with political action of FRENCH REVOLUTION.....

American Civil War
1. Lock and Load: Rifle and Musket
2. After teaching about the FRENCH and American this video

1. a link to a BBC video about The Lost World of Communism. Mostly post WW2 Cold War Home footage. Well narrated, this is a very moving video that captures the essence of the COmmunist world.

World War One and related
1. World War One .... origins
2. WW I.... early War...
3. WW I .... global perspective....battles in Asia...India...etc
4. WW I ..... OTTOMAN Turkey
5. Armenian Genocide
HITLER in WW I.....excellent Trench WAR video scenes
Poison GAS.....go to around 4 minute mark...and they give a good brief show of poison gas.

1. BERLIN post WW I social life....
2. Berlin....sexual history of this postwar town
3. Weimar Republic;...George Grosz Art .... early nazi info.

World War 2
Adolf HITLER: great video that discusses Hitler's experiences in WWI. Lots of great WWI trench war videos.....
Hitler SPEECH with subtitles
Neville Chamberlain
WW 2 in color
Nazi Art
Waffen SS....look at about minute 16...SS officers talk about their beliefs in fighting a just war... war crimes..war against Slavs...execution around minutes 16 to 19/ /// FROStBITE and brutality on the Russian Front
Hitler Youth: multi episode documentary

Cold War
1. BBC People's Century: Red Flag. 1/6
2. 1989 End of Communism....whole video

3. Kitchen Debate
War in Korea
1. Korean War

Vietnam War and related topics
1. FOG of War
2. Tet Offensive....great short video overview.
3. Nixon visits China